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November 13, 2008



Oh happy happy Birthday to your dear girl!!!
Hope she has a wonderful day!!
(the last of the single digit years! I cried a bit when my son was that age.)


Boy, oh boy, that means Laban will be 9 before to long. Our kiddos are growing up to fast!!! Happy (late) Birthday, Sabra!!!

Brandie Pahl

Happy Birthday Sabra! I hope you had a fantastic day!

Wow, nine years old. My oldest will be 7 in February and the thought of it makes me want to dry heave,lol;)


Happy Birthday Sabra!! Daminika was nine on October 14th:) One day less then a month apart:)


happy birthday sabra!!!! cute pic! can't believe cambree's going to be 9 pretty soon...these girls were just born!:)

runway girl

happy birthday!!


Happy (late) birthday sabra!!!!
auntie rachael


Happy Birthday Sabra! Hope it's a great year!

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