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September 26, 2008



Stunning! This jacket, dress, bonnet are truly works of art. Well done! :)


AHH! Jen we are SO EXCITED! Thank you SO much for letting us be a part of this!!!!

mama nash

you are killing me! I love this collection! I have to have it for Ruby...seriously love grey/black, so chic!


What an awesome collection. Loved the pics. with the girls and their candy!

You only put the coffee cake on to make me jealous!;)

Brandie Pahl

Okay, that 3rd picture absolutely took my breath away! That is just my style. It is DEVINE!


Ohhhh exquisite! You truly are amazing.


Oh how beautiful. Somewhere put away I have a pinnafore that my daughter wore when she was a baby. I would love to see you recreate it! It would go so well with your little knickers. I could only imagine the yummy fabrics you would use.

Amanda K

OMG I think I just died. The outfit with the velvet and the bonnet? Ohhhh so very very perfect!! You have SUCH a knack for the most beautiful style.


Oh the new collection is gorgeous!! I wouldn't have thought anything less from you, you're always amazing!! Such great details and so perfectly vintage. I love it all!

xo~ Amelia


Ooo thanks! I've been gathering apple recipes as our trees are full and I don't know what to do with all of them! :-)

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