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September 21, 2008



Wow Jen...these are beautiful! What a treasure. Lucky Anna. Wish you lived closer so you could photograph my babies.

Amanda K

Wow, STUNNING. The first one is my fav... so timeless, so perfect.

Brandie Pahl

What sweet photos. She looks absolutely gorgeous and those sweet little girls are precious. Of course, I am a bit astonished to hear that she only has 6 more weeks to go. How is that possible? I think I was that big after I peed on the stick!;)


Anna told me yeasterday that you did belly pic.s~! Adorable! You are quite talented Jen!(and of course it always helps to have such a cute candidate for your photo's)Priceless!

Amanda cute. She looks tiny!!!! Love the pic w/ her kids! Anna looks like she could be a model!!..hehe...


awesome photos jen!


great photography.
these pics are soo stinkin cuute!!!! :]]]]]]


Anna is sooo beautiful! She looks like you. Lovely pictures.


WHY WHY WHY didnt I make you take some of me?! I'm kickin myself over here. They are all SO gorgeous! Love the one where dewey plops in:) I didnt notice the sling shot until I read what you wrote! ha ha...


Anna looks so beautiful...she looks so tiny with four pregnancies...i love all those photos, very tempting to do pregnancy photos if that is what they could look like! xo Shannon

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